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LexisNexis AU

Work smarter, save time and get it right

Getting legal information online is faster, easier and better!

LexisNexis AU is Australia’s most advanced legal information service, not only has it maintained the Butterworths integrity you have come to trust over the years – it has also streamlined and improved many of its outstanding features. With the latest search technology, increased speed of access and better search, navigation and interface functionality, there’s a lot to be excited about…

LexisNexis AU is your definitive research tool providing you with in-depth, comprehensive and authoritative information from one trusted source. Enhancements have been developed specifically with the Australian end-user in mind and reflect our commitment to providing easy-to-use and flexible solutions to our customers through continuous improvement and innovation.

LexisNexis AU offers you significant benefits:

  • An easy-to-use interface with a more intuitive layout
  • Improved searching across all content, and the option to search single or multiple titles
  • Advanced search capability and increased functionality for working with search results
  • Expanded printing, emailing and downloading options
  • Greater reliability and accessibility supported by some of the best technology in the world

Trusted, reliable and authoritative publications

LexisNexis AU offers you many premium titles and recent releases. So if you are not already using the LexisNexis AU platform, this is a great opportunity to see the fantastic new products and features we have to offer today!

Just some of the publications only available on LexisNexis AU:     

You’ll be surprised at how quick and easy it is to access relevant and up-to-date information

LexisNexis AU delivers a range of powerful new ways to customise your research experience. For example:

  • You can create shortcuts to your favourite sources on your intranet; or link to frequently-used information from the home page
  • You can browse one publication; search across several publications – or a combination of publications
  • You can download documents in Microsoft® Word format, making it easier to reuse online material
  • Or quickly share your research by taking advantage of new PDF delivery, printing and e-mailing functionality
  • You can even print multiple documents at one time!