LexisNexis SmartOffice


You want relevant results faster and more easily with comprehensive, current content delivered by cutting-edge technology.

For over 100 years, LexisNexis has delivered powerful, authoritative and up-to-date research to lawyers across the Pacific, helping them make great decisions every day.


Replacing our current LNNZ research platform - we’re excited to be bringing to you in 2016, the next generation online delivery of research information.


Transforming the way you conduct legal research

Benefit from:

  • Natural search and intuitive interface to deliver a comprehensive set of results faster
  • Sophisticated browse functionality and pre and post search filters to enable you to personalise, analyse and manage your research
  • Accurate, high quality content with improved currency and better management tools

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LexisNexis NZ

The current flagship and trusted online research platform

Benefit from:

  • Comprehensive Looseleaf, Report Series, Journals and the NZ Law Reports

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