LexisNexis SmartOffice


Your time is precious and you need a way to speed up the drafting process, so you can focus on your clients and your reputation.

Our range of drafting tools will help you to reduce errors and improve the quality of the documents you produce so you can spend more time on value-added work and protect your reputation.

Lexis® Draft

Accurate. Precise. Fast.

The all new Lexis® Draft gives you peace of mind that your documents are accurate, complete and consistent - every time.


Working with Microsoft® and world leaders in proofreading software, LexisNexis® has consolidated a range of functions into one easy to use solution. Lexis Draft gives you access to a wide range of valuable proofreading and analytical tools, designed specifically for the legal market.

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LexisNexis® Smart Precedents

Draft high quality documents, faster and with greater accuracy.

You need resources that you can be sure are continuously updated, specific to your needs and of the highest quality.


With LexisNexis Precedents & Forms you can ensure that you have a reliable source for all of the precedents you need, to complete your matter quickly and with a greater level of accuracy.