LexisNexis SmartOffice


You need access to current and trusted legal information so you can make great decisions wherever and whenever demanded.

Lawyers are turning more and more to mobile technologies for increased productivity and improved responsiveness to clients. That’s why we’ve created a mobile app that transforms the way you interact with the LexisNexis content you depend on.


81% of lawyers in the Pacific already use mobile devices to do their job.

Lexis Red®

Content on the go

An award winning app that allows you to carry and instantly access the most up-to-date legal research and reference materials via your iPad, laptop or Windows PC.


Reference and annotate confidently whether you’re in the office, in court, with a client or during your commute.

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Insight into how lawyers in Australia and New Zealand are embracing mobile device usage to help them drive productivity and add value to clients.


The Age of the Mobile Lawyer

In the drive for efficient delivery of legal service, lawyers are embracing mobile technologies to help them drive productivity and add value to clients.