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A media-monitoring and analytics solution to help you search, analyse and share market intelligence

Analyse buzz to show results

Media monitoring helps you follow the endless stream of data generated by disparate channels. Without in-depth analysis, however, this information remains a collection of puzzle pieces—not the complete picture you need to make informed business decisions. LexisNexis Newsdesk enhances your ability to organise data into meaningful insights with built-in analytics tools.


From the convenient Analyse tab, you can create charts and graphs from your media feeds in just a few clicks and download the results as an image file, feed statistics or article data. Explore a breakdown of your media feeds of interest by country, language, source rank, media type and more.


LexisNexis Newsdesk enables you to:


  • Conduct Share of Voice analysis to help you see how your company is performing relative to competitors within the media universe, allowing you to assess your marketing efforts in generating coverage and building mindshare
  • Generate Themes Word Clouds to display the dominant people, companies, organisations, products and stock tickers in news articles
  • Utilise the Geo Map function to understand where the buzz—about your company, products and other topics of interest—is taking place


Advanced analytics allow you to perform competitive analysis, report on key trend and industry developments and share timely, insightful information across the enterprise. With the puzzle pieces in place, you get the big picture, empowering data-driven decision making that leads to success.


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LexisNexis Newsdesk Overview

Monitor what is being said about your company, brand and competitors. Leading companies use Newsdesk for media monitoring, competitive intelligence, market research and enterprise-wide news sharing. Make data-driven decisions using analytics to uncover insights.

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