With over 92,000 citator reports and growing, LawNow Plus™ Legislation Citator is your premier legislation solution. Exclusively available on Lexis Advance, this customer-driven innovation provides a refreshingly intuitive and streamlined solution for all your legislation research needs.

LawNow Plus™ Legislation Citator has been specifically designed to:

  • Work the way you do: Access the Legislation Citator directly from the text of the legislation to match y our workflow and provide you with a report exactly when you need it.
  • Provide you with clarity of insight: Each Act and Provision has its own cleverly structured citator report consolidating LexisNexis references, cases citing and a legislative history. Each report follows the same clean design so you can get to the information you need quickly and easily.
  • Help you turn your insight into immediate action: Citator reports provide an immediate answer or act as a consolidated springboard to target further information.

Two citators, one complete research solution

LawNow Plus™ Legislation Citator seamlessly integrates with CaseBase® Case Citator within Lexis Advance, allowing you to take full advantage of the power of the search technology that LexisNexis' next-generation online platform has to offer.

Evolving with you

By choosing LawNow Plus™ Legislation Citator you are ensuring that you are accessing a research solution that never stands still; LexisNexis is continuously innovating and enhancing the research functionalities available on Lexis Advance, so expect even more powerful sort and filter tools - including data visualisation; optimised layout; additional content elements including representation, penalty information, Practical Guidance links and more...

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