Leap from enquiry to analysis to insight on a single platform, with an interface that anticipates your path to results. Trust your intuition, and you’ll find what you want just where you'd expect.

For example, you can easily identify the legal issues relevant to your matter using patented legal research innovations like Research Map. Be sure to take advantage of these additional time-saving features:

  • Comprehensive search - Choose the way you want to search. Fine-tuned search algorithms give you the flexibility to search by publication or across all available publications by entering Boolean or natural language searches. Alternatively, make the most of your research expertise and utilise our powerful Advanced Search Forms to navigate straight to the most relevant results.
  • The Research Map - A graphical view of your research activity - a step by step display, including search refinements, the documents you viewed and the links you followed. Go back at any time to review your research and pick up where you left off. Analytical tools include finding similar documents, and finding results in common between different searches.
  • Work folders - Develop your case more easily with the ability to store your legal research results all in one place.
  • Jump to Pinpoint page - Select a pinpoint cite reference and move directly to the page cited.
  • CaseBase provides an instant view of the status of a case, with CaseBase signals displayed in search results, judgments and for cases saved in folders.

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