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Calendar of Events 2009

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Employment Law for HR Professionals
1 Apr, Syd
2 Apr, Bris
3 Apr, Melb

Examine the intricacies of employment contracts including fixed-term, restraints of trade, protection of intellectual property and information.

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Costs - Untangling the costs regime and drafting agreements
23 Apr, Bris
24 Apr, Perth
28 Apr, Syd

1/2 Day session
Expert Facilitator: Ian Serisier, Special Counsel, SWAAB Attorneys

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Estate Planning - Perfecting Will instructions for blended families and Testamentary Trusts
29 Apr, Syd
30 Apr, Bris

1/2 Day session
Paul Evans, Accredited Specialist Wills & Estates Law, Manager Trustee Services, NSW, National Australia Trustees, National Australia Bank

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