LexisNexis premier international legal research database, Lexis.com offers tailored international legal source packages to meet your international legal research needs. Lexis.com's innovative functions and intuitive navigation mean that through and easy-to-use interface subscribers can access both primary and secondary legal sources. These include cases, legislation, law reviews, treaties, legal directories, practice guides and constitutions. With content from all over the globe subscribers can choose to subscribe only to Commonwealth Case Law (Comlaw) or our full suite of Legal information. Comlaw contains materials which are crucial to anyone who needs access to legal information from outside of Australia. This includes case law, legislation and regulations from the Republic of Ireland and the British Commonwealth; including England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and South Africa. Access to the full breadth of Lexis.com content means subscribers can access Commonwealth Case Law in conjunction with legislation, court rules, administrative decisions, law reviews and treatises from other countries such as the USA, Mexico, Japan and the Russian Federation

General Information
Subject AreaLegal Reference and Research
  • Content available includes:
  • US Cases
  • US Federal Cases
  • US State Legal Cases
  • US & UK Legislation and Politics
  • Internatonal Legal Sources including Commonwealth, Asia and European Legal Sources
  • Sources on Different Areas of Law for Example, Bankruptcy, Patent and Taxation Law
  • Patent and Taxation Law
  • Briefs, Motions and Pleadings
  • Matthew Bender
  • Mealey Reports

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