Australian Corporation Law - Principles and Practice

This comprehensive commentary work is prepared and updated by eminent practitioners and academics and provides detailed and expert commentary, analysis and opinion on all aspects of companies and securities law in Australia.

The commentary is topic-based with the order of treatment generally corresponding with the chapter structure of the Corporations Act, providing an authoritative and accessible subject-based narrative account of corporations legislation in Australia. It includes detailed discussion of the concepts embedded in the law, case law and relevant issues for practitioners, with reference to further authorities, providing an in-depth treatment of corporation law. The inclusion of the ASX Listing Rules and commentary is a valuable addition to the service for subscribers, not found in its competitor products.

General Information
Subject AreaCorporations
Updates3 looseleaf volumes; updated approx 10 times per year; Available online.
Charging MethodAnnual
Publication Year 2003
UpdatesOnline; updated approx 10 times per year or as developments require.
Charging Method Annual
Publication Year 2002
LexisNexis Red
Charging MethodAnnual
FormatiPad and Windows PC

The commentary provides a comprehensive coverage of:

  • the Corporations Act;
  • the ASIC Act; and
  • the ASX listing rules.

A range of topics are discussed in the commentary including:

  • History and Interpretation
  • Incorporation and Shares
  • Internal Administration (including charges and audit)
  • Various Bodies Corporate
  • External Administration (including insolvency)
  • Takeovers and Share Acquisitions
  • Financial Services and Markets
  • Offences, Court Proceedings and Penalties
  • Registration of Auditors and Liquidators, ASIC Registers and Company Books
  • ASX Listing Rules and Commentary
  • ASIC Investigations, Enforcement and Hearings
  • Administrative Review of Decisions under the Corporations Act

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