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Lexis Red™ FAQs and Resources

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  • What is Lexis Red™?

    Lexis Red™ is an application which enables you to access legal content digitally. Content can be downloaded to a chosen device - iPad, Android (tablet), Windows (tablet, desktop and laptop) and Mac (laptop and desktop). Your looseleaf is then automatically updated via a content delivery system when you are online.

  • What devices can I access Lexis Red™ on?

    The Lexis Red™ application can be downloaded and accessed on Windows or Mac desktops/laptops or a compatible tablet device (iPad iOS 9+, Android 4.4+, Windows 7 and 8.1+ and macOS 10.11 and 10.12). Please note that the content is only accessible from two devices. Lexis Red™ is incompatible with smart phones.


    Note: For optimum functionality, we recommend that our customers migrate to the latest operating systems (iPad iOS 9+, Android 4.4+, Windows 8.1+ and macOS 10.11 and 10.12).


  • How do I gain access to Lexis Red™?

    You can download the Lexis Red™ application for Windows or Mac desktops/laptops or a compatible tablet device (iPad iOS 9+, Android 4.4+, Windows 7 and 8.1+ and macOS 10.11 and 10.12) free of charge.


    To download the application click here.

  • How do I download and install the application?

    An installation guide may be found here.
    A .msi installation guide for IT administrators made be found here.

  • Is the Windows App store blocked on your network?

    Contact our Technical Support team 1800 999 906 for other options.

  • How do I use the features available on Lexis Red™?

    How do I use the features available on Lexis Red™ e.g. logging in to Lexis Red™, downloading/updating publications, increasing and decreasing the font size, emailing or printing content, adding a highlight, editing notes etc.?


    Product User Guides may be found here.


    The User Guide will provide you with all the relevant information required to ensure you are able to effectively utilise the features available on Lexis Red™.


    Note: Ensure you are connected to the internet whilst downloading and obtaining updates to a publication.

  • What content is available in Lexis Red™?

    For a complete content list, please visit

  • What are the minimum operating system requirements for using Lexis Red™?

    Please view the Lexis Red™ Tech Guide for relevant information regarding minimum operating system requirements.

  • How do I transfer my titles from LexisNexis Red to Lexis Red™ (the new app)?

    We will have an automated transfer, or sync, of all non-expired content once a customer downloads the new Lexis Red™ app on any compatible device. This sync is an automated one-time only transfer of highlights and annotations to Lexis Red™, and will include the transfer of your own work.


    Note – No further transfers will occur beyond this one-time only automated sync.


    Note – The choice to transfer to the new version of Lexis Red™ is on a per user, no per customer, basis.

  • I am unable to download the installation files and/or content. What should I do?

    If you are unable to download the installation files, it could be due to a network firewall or network proxy blocking the download. Some networks prevent the download of software installation files to prevent the spread of malware. Please contact your IT department to verify if this is the reason for being unable to download the software.


    If you require further assistance, please contact Customer Support at:

  • I'm having trouble installing the application. What do I do?

    If you require assistance in installing the application, please contact Customer Support at:

  • How do I purchase content to be used with Lexis Red™?

    Please contact your Relationship Manager or Customer Support on 1800 772 772 or to purchase digitally-available content.

  • Do I require internet access to use the Lexis Red™ application?

    The application is designed to be accessible both online and offline. However, you will need access to the internet for the following functions:

    1. To download or upgrade the application

    2. Initial login/download of the content purchased

    3. For content updates

    4. For annotations to be synced to our server (the Cloud) and between your devices

  • Can I sync between laptop and iPad versions?

    Yes, you can sync between your devices.


    Syncing between the devices will only occur if you are using the same version of the app. Thus, LexisNexis Red (the old version of the app) will not sync with Lexis Red™ (the new version of the app).

  • How can I give feedback on my Lexis Red™ experience?

    We'd love to hear your thoughts regarding Lexis Red™, or any of our new and existing LexisNexis solutions. Please contact us on 1800 772 772 or

  • Why has Lexis Red™ been updated?

    We have been listening and have acted on our valued customer feedback in order to provide you with a better experience in using Lexis Red™. At LexisNexis, we are committed to making your user experience an enjoyable one. We will continue on making improvements to ensure our products contribute positively to your success.


    What is new in Lexis Red™?

    • Supports more operating systems and devices (except for phones and phablets).
    • New look and feel - a modern and cleaner interface brings it in line with best practice design standards.
    • Performance improvements – faster title downloads and updates, with the ability to seamlessly open titles, shift between publications and scroll through titles etc.
    • Improved navigation – Lexis Red™ supports native user interface controls for each platform, which will help customers familiar with a specific platform to navigate more easily through the app.
    • Organising publications – move and delete titles in the Publications screen.
    • Infinite scrolling – move up and down a publication with ease.
    • Improved searching – search a string of terms (instead of only one word); display less precise search results, aka stemming e.g. when searching "care", the results will also display "cared, cares, caring"; search results will be retained whilst in a title
    • Printing and emailing documents directly from within a publication
    • Font re-sizing – for greater legibility of content.



  • Why has my recent history disappeared after I've upgraded to the new version?

    The new version of the Lexis Red™ app will not delete your recent browsing history. Please note, however, that the old version of the app will delete your browsing history. We are working to resolve this issue as a priority.

  • What is Lexis Red™ Digital Library?

    Lexis Red™ provides Digital Library portal access for Librarians and Knowledge Managers to manage the eLending of publications to their users.


    Features include:


    • Access to a secure portal to monitor and manage eLending.
    • Borrower and lender controls: a borrower can borrow an available title or return a borrowed title or request an already borrowed title; whilst lender can lend, extend and withdraw a title.
    • Librarians and Knowledge Managers can share the same publication across multiple borrowers, multiple times over a subscription period on a one-on-one basis.


    Why would a customer want it?


    • Cost efficiency – Provides scale through access to a broader range of Lexis Red titles to a wider group of people.
    • Time and storage savings - Save time spent waiting for a hardcopy title to arrive, whilst using less shelf storage space.
    • An improved library service – Reduction in issues stemming from titles being in transit, lost in office or awaiting the filing of updates.
    • Control over accounts – Provides Librarians and Knowledge Managers the flexibility to control the accounts and subscriptions of users, whilst monitoring the use or need of the services with their users.
  • How do I sign up for the Lexis Red™ Digital Library capability?

    Please contact your Relationship Manager or Customer Support on or 1800 772 772.

  • What do I need to do to obtain a loan subscription?

    Loan subscriptions are purchased in the same way as a normal subscription. Please contact your Relationship Manager or Customer Support on or 1800 772 772.

  • How much does it cost to enable the Lexis Red™ Digital Library?

    Access to the content management portal is provided at no extra cost. It is a service that will make it easier for you to manage your Lexis Red™ subscriptions and users.

  • How do I use the Lexis Red™ Digital Library?

    Please view the User Manual

    Note: The new URL for the Lexis Red™ Digital Library is

    Note: If you use the new Digital Library System and lend a publication to a user, please ensure that the user has downloaded the new version of the Lexis Red app in order to receive entitlements.


    The new version of the Lexis Red™ app is compatible with the following devices and operating systems.









    4.4, 5.0 and 6.0



    10.11 and 10.12








    iPad 3 or above


    Laptop or desktop

    Tablet, laptop or desktop

    Laptop or desktop

    Note: If the Admin/Librarian/Knowledge manager (or Lexis Red™ user) tries to log into the new Digital Library System before they have logged into the new version of the Lexis Red™ app, the login will not be successful. Thus, the Admin/Librarian/Knowledge Manager must first log in to the new version of the Lexis Red™ app before they can log in to the new Digital Library System.

    Once the Admin/Librarian/Knowledge Manager has logged into the new digital library, they will see all titles for their customer account.  In terms of the users, however, only users that have downloaded the new version of the Lexis Red™ app will appear in the new Digital Library System.

    For your reference, the old LexisNexis Digital Library URL is:

  • How long may I borrow a title using the Lexis Red™ Digital Library?

    The default rule is that you may borrow a title for 30 days. However, your Knowledge Manager will be able to use the web portal to make changes to this rule, and monitor the Lexis Red™ Digital Library usage at your firm.

  • How many users can borrow a title at any one time?

    Each loan title can be accessed by one user at any given time. If your firm has multiple subscriptions to a title on Lexis Red™, then multiple users will be able to borrow that title.

  • Can I use the Lexis Red™ Digital Library to access a title which my firm does not subscribe to?

    Your firm must have a loan subscription account type and at least one Lexis Red™ subscription to the title you wish to borrow.

  • What if I want to borrow a title from my firm's library but someone else is using it?

    You can request the title by clicking on the 'Request' button. This will send a notification to your firm’s Knowledge Manager. Your firm’s Knowledge Manager can then assign the title to you once it has been returned.

  • Message on my login screen “Device limit reached”?

    Users are entitled to access Lexis Red on two devices only. You might get this message “Device limit reached” when attempting to log in to the third device. Please contact technical support for assistance - 1800 999 906.


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