Personal Property Securities in Australia

Personal Properties Securities Australia’s commentary provides a practical discussion of the impact and application of the new PPS scheme with comparisons to the New Zealand and Canadian schemes and is geared towards lawyers and practitioners that are impacted by the new regime and work in finance, leasing, insolvency and at organisations entering into hire-purchase agreements or licences.

It includes a drafting guide, all relevant legislation and primary materials; practice statements and a summary of the state consequential amendments legislation. Personal Properties Securities Australia has specialist practitioner authors for each chapter

General Information
AuthorGeneral Editors: Craig Wappett; Bruce Whittaker; Steve Edwards.
Subject AreaBanking & Finance
Publication Year 2010
UpdatesApproximately 4 updates per year or as developments require
Publication Year2010
UpdatesApproximately 4 updates per year or as developments require

The commentary covers a range of topics including:

  • a background and overview of the PPS scheme;
  • key concepts and principles;
  • how the register works;
  • how the PPSA affects certain types of transactions;
  • conflict of laws;
  • transition issues;
  • implementation and ongoing management issues;
  • corporate insolvency and bankruptcy.

The work also includes a drafting guide and subchapters on how the PPS scheme impacts a range of transactions including:

  • inventory financing;
  • receivables financing;
  • leasing and hiring of personal property;
  • ship finance and maritime law;
  • aircraft finance;
  • all assets securities;
  • agricultural security interests;
  • securitisation and covered bonds;
  • intellectual property;
  • financial property, set-off and flawed asset arrangements;
  • licences and authorities;
  • importing, exporting and transnational property; and
  • consumer finance.

In addition, the work contains all relevant legislation and primary materials including:

  • an annotated version of the Personal Property Securities Act 2009;
  • the Personal Property Securities Regulations 2010;
  • all determinations and instruments made under the new regime;
  • selected practice statements issued by the PPS Registrar; and
  • a summary of the state and territory consequential amendments legislation.

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