Criminal Practice and Procedure NSW

Criminal Practice and Procedure NSW is an indispensable tool for criminal law practitioners across the State. Authored by the Hon Roderick Howie QC, former judge of the Supreme Court of NSW, and the Hon Peter Johnson, a judge of the Supreme Court of NSW. Typically commentary and annotation updates occur at least 10 times a year. Online and Lexis Red publishing occurs (on average) at least twice a month and during periods of rapid legislative change occurs several times a month. Content consists of, for the most part, annotated legislation. It includes over 140 Acts/Regulations, with the most important of these being comprehensively annotated by Howie and Johnson. The topic areas with the densest amount of annotations to legislation include Criminal Procedure, Evidence, Appeal and Review, Sentencing, Crimes Act, Bail, Drugs, Summary Offences, Firearms and Weapons, Children, Mental Health and Investigation. There are a few commentary only topic areas – they being Proceedings before Magistrates, Criminal Responsibility and Trial Procedure. There is also a solid commentary only introduction to sentencing law behind the start of the sentencing material. A subscription to Criminal Law News (Crim LN) is included with a subscription to Criminal Practice and Procedure NSW, authored by the Hon Justice Robert Allan Hulme, a judge of the Supreme Court of NSW and Peter Berman SC, a former judge of the District Court of NSW. Criminal Law News publishes 11 times a year; it includes summaries of important and recently handed down case law pertinent to criminal law in NSW.

General Information
AuthorHowie, R N; Johnson, P A
Subject AreaCriminal Law
UpdatesFour looseleaf volumes; around eight updates a year, as necessary
Charging MethodAnnual
UpdatesOnline; monthly or as developments require.
Charging MethodAnnual
LexisNexis Red
Charging MethodAnnual
FormatiPad and Windows PC
  • Proceedings before Magistrates
  • Criminal Procedure
  • Evidence
  • Appeals and Reviews
  • Sentencing
  • Criminal Responsibility
  • Trial Procedure
  • Crimes Act and Repealed Legislation
  • Bail
  • Drugs
  • Summary Offences
  • Other Offences
  • Road Transport
  • Firearms and Weapons
  • Children
  • Mental Health
  • Criminal Code
  • Defence Costs
  • Appeals
  • Investigation
  • Work Health and Safety Offences
  • Confiscation
  • Victims
  • Sentence Administration Coroners
  • Investigatory Commissions
  • Informations and Indictments
  • Practice Notes and Guidelines
  • Other Legislation
  • Includes Criminal Law News (newsletter)

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