Australian Law Reports

The Australian Law Reports consist of decisions of the High Court, and significant decisions of the Federal and Supreme Courts. It also incorporates the Northern Territory Reports and the Australian Capital Territory Reports. Important judgments are published in the series within weeks of being handed down, and are available in hardcopy and online formats. All judgments contain headnotes written by experienced practitioners. After every five volumes a Cumulative Supplement of Index and Tables is produced and after every 25 volumes a Consolidated Index and Tables is produced. No other series provides the same degree of coverage and speed of reporting as Australian Law Reports. If you want access to current law as it is interpreted in our highest courts, Australian Law Reports is your first reference.

General Information
AuthorLancaster, R P L
Subject AreaLegal Reference and Research
Report Series
UpdatesAdvance parts (issued weekly to fortnightly) parts consolidated into bound vols; charged as loose parts & bound vols or bound vols only.
Charging MethodPer Volume
FormatReport Series
Publication Year 1973
  • All High Court cases
  • Important decisions of the Federal Court
  • Significant judgments from State Supreme Courts exercising Federal jurisdiction
  • Selected cases from the Australian Capital Territory Supreme Court
  • Selected cases from the Northern Territory Supreme Court
  • Selected Decisions of Federal Tribunals
  • Table of Cases Reported, Cases Judicially Considered, Statutes Judicially Considered and Catchword Index

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