ASX Settlement Operating Rules

ASX Settlement Pty Limited (ASX Settlement) is the holder of an Australian CS facility licence granted under the Corporations Act pursuant to which it provides a facility for the parties to transactions relating to certain financial products to meet obligations to each other that arise from entering into the transaction, including to enable Participants to pay money or otherwise meet settlement obligations arising out of transactions in certain financial products and to enable issuers and participants to record holdings of financial products and to take permitted action in accordance with instructions, agreements or arrangements in relation to certain financial products.

The ASX Settlement Operating Rules and procedures deal with certain matters in respect of the operation of the settlement facility provided by ASX Settlement.

Guidance Notes are also published to assist participants to understand how certain ASX Settlement Operating Rules and procedures operate.

Information will be relevant for: issuers of financial products; market participants on the ASX; and anyone who participates in trading on the stock market, such as stockbrokers, financial advisers, investment banks, medium and large accounting firms.

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