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Financial crime is a hot topic in today's world. From terrorism financing to fraud to anti money laundering, it is a growing concern for all organisations. The Federal Government's reform of Australia's Anti-Money Laundering (AML) laws could rival the Financial Services Reform Act in terms of impact for corporations. The development of AML laws and regulations worldwide has given organisations a greater responsibility to prevent, detect and report money laundering. Anti-Money Laundering and Financial Crime is an insightful and practical product written by leading industry experts including KPMG. It provides solutions to professionals on the implications of the evolving AML reforms and other financial crime related legislation. This publication includes commentary and relevant primary materials arranged on a transactional and topical basis with case studies, key points and step by step guides. Updated regularly, this is an invaluable resource for financial services organisations, lawyers, accountants government departments and those affected by financial crime. Anti-Money Laundering and Financial Crime includes an overview of financial crime in Australia, international money laundering requirements, the current AML legislation, role of the regulatory bodies, initiatives to fight financial crime, design and implementation of AML programs, design and implementation of fraud controls, and financial crime technology.

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AuthorVarious including KPMG and, Freehills
Subject AreaBanking & Finance
Updatesonline access; regularly updated; charged annually
Charging MethodAnnual
Publication Year 2006

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