Practitioner and Academic Books

Published Texts

April 2008

LexisNexis Study Guide: Taxation and Revenue Law (Kendall)

Investigative Interviewing Explained (Ord, Shaw & Green)

May 2008

Workplace Relations Legislation 2008 Edition

Estate Planning: A Practical Guide for Estate and Financial Service Professionals 2nd ed. (Perkins & Monahan)

Fisheries Law in Australia (Gullett)

June 2008

LexisNexis Study Guide: Trusts (Barkehall Thomas & Vann)

Law and Medical Practice 3rd ed. (Skene)

The Annotated Civil Liability Act 2003 QLD 2nd ed. (Douglas, Mullins & Grant)

July 2008

Principles of Remedies 4th ed. (Covell & Lupton)

An Introduction to Criminal Law in Queensland and Western Australia 7th ed. (Kenny)

LexisNexis Study Guide: Torts (Withnall, Walsh & Rooney)

Law of Agency (Dal Pont)

European Union Law: An Australian View (Harvey & Longo)

LexisNexis Skills Series: Drafting 2nd ed. (Macdonald & McGill)

August 2008

The Essential Guide to Mortgage Law in New South Wales (Bransgrove & Young)

Global Climate Change: Australian Law and Policy (Hodgkinson & Garner)

Forthcoming Texts

September 2008

LexisNexis Study Guide: Corporations Law (Harris)

Securities and Financial Services Law 7th ed. (Baxt, Black & Hanrahan)

Introduction to Property Law 5th ed. (Tooher & Dwyer)

October 2008

Banking Law in Australia 6th ed. (Tyree)

Understanding Business Law 4th ed. (Pentony, Graw, Lennard & Parker)

LexisNexis Study Guide: Business Law (Parker & Veljanovski)

Australian Insurance Law: A First Reference (Pynt)

Australian Medical Liability (Madden & McIlwraith)

November 2008

International Commercial Law 4th ed. (Mo)

Australian Torts Law 2nd ed. (McGlone & Stickley)

Financial Planning in Australia 3rd ed. (Taylor, Juchau & Houterman)

Intellectual Property: Cases, Materials and Commentary 4th ed. (Ricketson, Richardson & Davison)

December 2008

Torts: Cases and Commentary 6th ed. (Luntz, Hambly, Burns, Dietrich & Foster)

Laying Down the Law 7th ed. (Cook, Creyke, Geddes & Hamer)

Understanding Taxation Law: An Interactive Approach 2009 (Gilders, Taylor, Walpole, Burton & Ciro)

Corporations and Associations: Cases and Materials 10th ed. (Baxt, Fletcher & Fridman)

The Human Rights Enterprise in Australia and Internationally (Bailey)

Law of Torts 4th ed. (Balkin & Davis)

Equity and Trusts 2nd ed. (Evans)