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Natalie Ledlin, Lawyer & Practice Director, Ledlin Lawyers

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Digital Disruption and its Impact on Legal Research


How Australian legal professionals are facing the challenges of change

As new generations of digital-native lawyers commence their journey into the workforce, pressures have built on legal professionals for their research process to become more streamlined and cost-efficient, with technology now integral to their work practices.

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Infographics: Promises and Pitfalls of Free vs. Premium Legal Research


Many Legal Researchers are turning to free search engines to begin their research, but how detailed, reliable and relevant will their results be? Our latest infographic investigates the promises and pitfalls of free search engines vs. premium research – let the battle commence!

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Information overload -Lexis Advance Technology Feature in Lawyers Weekly


Online search engines and service providers have permanently changed the legal research process and this increased access to information has change expectations around lawyers’ research.

Find out what Jo Wade, Senior Product Manager from Lexis Advance, had to say when interviewed by Lawyers weekly to discuss the widespread availability of information to the legal industry.

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Making sense of Big Data: A Behind the Scenes look at Legal Search Technology


This insightful whitepaper goes behind the scenes of the latest search technology to discuss the role of Big Data in the legal world today and to discover how technology tries to make sense of this data, links relevant documents together, and deliver the accurate answers legal professionals require.

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