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LexisNexis® Intellectual Property Solutions give you access to the world’s most comprehensive and up-to-date patent database and provide you with tools to streamline patent analysis, drafting, and applications. Work faster, accurately, and more cost-effectively with TotalPatent™ and PatentOptimizer™.

TotalPatent™ is a web-based patent retrieval and analysis tool to help you protect, develop, and maintain your patent assets.

  • Gain access to the most comprehensive collection of online patent data worldwide
  • Take advantage of the semantic search technology to facilitate your patent research
  • Stay ahead by keeping yourself informed of crucial information every time
  • Understand your competitors and acquisition targets
  • Add speed and accuracy to your current workflow

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PatentOptimizer™ is a revolutionary approach to creating consistently high-quality patent applications and analyzing issued patents.

  • Develop consistent, concise, and well-tailored patent applications
  • Improve patent research and analysis
  • Perform critical quality-control check when drafting patents
  • Create comprehensive reports and verify patent claims
  • Mitigate legal risk and work more efficiently

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