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East Africa Crisis Appeal

The children of East Africa urgently need your support.

The UN has officially declared a famine in Southern Somalia. All of South Somalia’s 3.7 million people are being affected, half of them are under the age of 18 and one in five are under 5 years of age.

UNICEF’s challenge is to urgently get food, clean water and health care to those who need it most.

Will you help us help the children of East Africa?

CEO Fast for Famine

LexisNexis is partnering with UNICEF to help raise funds for this urgent crisis. The CEO Fast for Famine is a fundraising initiative where CEO's, executives and business leaders from some of Australia’s top companies will be fasting for 24 hours.

CEO's will be forgoing one day of the Christmas festivities and fasting from midnight 12th December to midnight 13 December.

What can you do?

Support your leaders, colleagues and friends in raising money for this important initiative. Or join the fast yourself!

No child should go hungry at Christmas.

Remember, every donation is tax deductable.