Wednesday, 6th December 2023  
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In order to bring the latest judgments to subscribers in the quickest possible time, unedited versions of Unreported Judgments are made available to subscribers as soon as they are received by LexisNexis Australia from the Courts. To preserve this speed of update, the unedited judgments are presented in their original format and feature only limited searching. You can search for any word within the judgment and restrict your search to a given jurisdiction.

Edited, value-added versions of the judgments are available within a week of receipt and offer sophisticated searching. Once edited, the judgments are removed from the unedited area and are available within the main Unreported Judgments publication.

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director the string director and stemmed variations, such as directors
"director" the word director
"P&O" the strings P&O, P & O and P O (always enclose words like P&O in double quotation marks)
contributory negligence the phrase contributory negligence
liab* words beginning with the string liab, such as liable, liability

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