The LexisNexis News & Business research service, Nexis, offers one of the largest online news and business information services in the world, containing over 4 billion searchable documents from 23,000 premium news and business sources, and thousands of legal and regulatory services across a 35-year archive.

Millions of users, including virtually every Fortune 500 company, choose the Nexis database to

  • Access extensive business and financial information;
  • research new markets;
  • analyse and monitor competitors;
  • retrieve company information;
  • track existing and potential customers;
  • predict industry trends;
  • monitor mergers and acquisitions;
  • access patents and trademark information;
  • help with tenders, new business pitches, marketing campaigns and product development;
  • improve research efficiency and resource accessibility; and
  • leverage breaking news.

Nexis helps you quickly search and refine quality and reliable information not available on the open web. With access to Australian and world leading general news, financial news and business publications, your improved insights and understanding will position you to quickly answer daily business questions and improve your decision making.

Business professionals and researchers looking for quick access to key news, company and executive information may also be interested in Nexis Direct.

For more information about Nexis or our news & business intelligence products, download our Nexis brochure, or visit our specialist News & Business Intelligence website.


General Information
Subject AreaNews & Business
  • Content available includes
  • Local and International Newspapers (e.g. The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald, The New York Times)
  • Newswires (e.g. AAP, Associate Press Agence France Presse)
  • Transcripts (e.g. ABC, CNN, BBC)
  • Magazines
  • Trade Journals and Directories
  • Investment and Broker Reports
  • Financial and Company Reports
  • Company and Executive Profiles
  • Company Research Reports
  • Intellectual Property Records including Trademarks and Patents

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