Native Title Service

The  Native Title Service  is an ideal one-stop reference to native title law. It is specially designed to assist lawyers, government, Aboriginal, mining and pastoral organisations practising in the area of native title law. The service provides the annotated Native Title Act (Cth) plus rules and regulations, state and territory legislation, and extensive 13 chapters of general commentary on native title law and practice as well as editor's notes on determinations and the determination itself. Useful information for practitioners includes application forms, practice notes, flowcharts. Casenotes from Australian and foreign jurisdictions are also provided. Native Title News is included in the subscription price for the Native Title service, or can be purchased separately.

General Information
AuthorSouthalan, J; Phillips, S; Tehan, M; Neal, M; Longbottom, E; Creamer, J; Brayne, M; Neate, G - General Editor and Author
Subject AreaIndigenous Legal Issues
Updates2 looseleaf volumes; approx 5 updates per year; charge per issue
Charging MethodPer Issue
UpdatesOnline; regularly updated; charged annually
Charging MethodAnnual
  • National Native Title and Registry Information
  • General Commentary
  • Native Title Act (Commonwealth)
  • Rules, Regulations and Ministerial Determinations
  • Other Legislation
  • State Legislation: - New South Wales - Victoria - Queensland - Western Australia - South Australia - Tasmania - Northern Territory - Australian Capital Territory
  • Practice and Procedure
  • Casenotes - Australia
  • Casenotes - Foreign Jurisdictions
  • NNTT Determinations
  • Agreements - Determinations

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