Media Intelligence

The first of its kind in Australia, Media Intelligence is a powerful online research tool that demonstrates state-of-the-art technology, excellence in production, specialised content, superior features and functionality with outstanding value for money. Most of all, it has been especially developed from customer feedback to enable media professionals to make informed decisions with confidence and thus increase their competitive advantage. This service allows you to research new markets, analyse and monitor competition, predict industry trends, retrieve company information, leverage breaking news and improve research efficiency. Media Intelligence provides you with deeper access to analytical and statistical information by offering a service that tracks, monitors and measures content relevant (see below) to the media industry.

General Information
Subject AreaNews & Business
  • Media Company Information
  • Latest Trends within the Industry as reported in Specialised Journals
  • Marketing Concepts, i.e. Brand Management or Market Research
  • Celebrity Biographies
  • Media Industry News

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