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Published by LexisNexis and produced by the Australasian Compliance Institute, this unique publication features a selection of thought provoking articles from a range of practitioners, academics and other leading experts in the area of compliance. The Compliance & Regulatory Journal provides an important platform for the communication and promotion of the compliance profession and assists in the ongoing dialogue between the regulator and the regulated across all industry sectors. This inaugural edition features a selection of ten articles from a variety of Australian and international authors that explore a diversity of topics in compliance. We anticipate that these articles will stimulate debate and provide insight into the existing and emerging challenges and opportunities within the compliance profession. To purchase a copy, visit to place an order, or email Alternatively you can contact ACI national office on 02 9290 1788.

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AuthorAustralasian Compliance Institute
Subject AreaCorporations
UpdatesPublished twice per year

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