Butterworths Corporation Law Bulletin

For practitioners, professionals and academics requiring speed and breadth of coverage in corporations and securities law matters, this bulletin is essential reading. It serves as an excellent fortnightly tool for current awareness and includes up-to-the-minute reporting of legislative developments, ASIC releases and regulatory activities, ASX news and changes to the Listing Rules and accounting standards.
Justice Emmett of the Federal Court also serves as general editor of the bulletin, overseeing its publication and providing quarterly commentary pieces on recent developments in corporations law. Substantial notes on recent cases and topical articles written by leading company law specialists are also included in each issue. The bulletin also contains relevant information on upcoming events and professional development seminars. Each item in the bulletin is also indexed and tabled annually for easy reference.

General Information
Subject AreaCorporations
Updates1 looseleaf volume of approx 24 bulletins; bulletins published every fortnight. Transfer binders issued annually; charged annually. Also available online.
Charging MethodAnnual
Publication Year 1985
UpdatesOnline; updated fortnightly; charged annually.
Charging MethodAnnual
Publication Year 1999

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