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Reissued in 2006, Building Regulation Australia is an invaluable tool for professionals who need to understand and apply the Building Code of Australia (BCA). Building Regulation Australia Online features a new archive, where the 2005 version of the Building Code of Australia and related commentary is available for your reference. Volume One incorporates the full BCA (BCA volumes one and two) with State and Territory variations produced directly beneath the relevant BCA clause, as well as detailed expert commentary written by authors who use the BCA every day. Commentary is also featured on State and Territory variations. Volumes Two and Three contain State and Territory Acts and Regulations that directly impact the application of the BCA and legislation vital to those concerned with designing, constructing or certifying buildings. A new Volume Four (online only) contains the Plumbing Code of Australia. Building Regulation Australia is ideal for local government, builders, architects, urban-renewal experts and surveyors, and anyone applying the BCA.

General Information
AuthorGenco, J; McLennan, S; Mitchell, G; Wynn-Jones, M
Subject AreaBuilding & Construction
UpdatesOnline; regularly updated; charged annually
Charging MethodAnnual
  • Volume One
  • Building Code of Australia including State and Territory variations
  • Commentary to the Building Code of Australia
  • Volume Two
  • Legislation relating to New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory and Queensland
  • Volume Three
  • Legislation relating to Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania and Northern Territory
  • NEW - Volume Four: National Plumbing Code
  • Plumbing Code of Australia 2011 including State and Territory variations released under the National Construction Code Series in 2011.

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National Plumbing Code which contains the Plumbing Code of Australia 2011! See below for further details.
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