01 January 2020 00:00 by Ken Chia

Organisations’ critical infrastructure systems are essential to their bottom line, ability to innovate and daily operations. It is an important part of an organisation’s overall risk management framework. The Singapore Cybersecurity module offers guidance on how to handle your Cybersecurity obligations. The module covers areas of law such as the 'Companies Act 1967 (Cap 50) (SNG)', 'Cybersecurity Act 2018 (SNG)', 'Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (Cap 26)' and over 20 other compliance sources.

Module Scope:

Core Obligations

  • Overview
  • Critical Information Infrastructure
  • Governance
  • Cybersecurity Strategies
  • Risk Management
  • Data Security
  • Personal Data Protection
  • Cybersecurity Threats / Incidents

Legal Landscape

  • Companies Act 1967 (Cap 50) (SNG)
  • Cybersecurity Act 2018 (SNG)
  • Cybersecurity (Confidential Treatment of Information) Regulations 2018 (SNG)
  • Cybersecurity (Critical Information Infrastructure) Regulations 2018 (SNG)
  • International Standards Organisation (ISO) 17799/27001
  • Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (Cap 26)
  • Securities and Futures Act 2001 (Cap 289) (SNG)
  • and 20 other compliance sources


  • Cyber Security Agency
  • Cyber Security Advisory Panel
  • SME Digital Tech Hub
  • Personal Data Protection Commission
  • Ministry of Communications and Information
  • Minister-in-Charge of Cybersecurity


  • Cybersecurity Webinars | Ken Chia
    Ken Chia outlines the current Cybersecurity regulatory landscape and environment in Singapore. He also covers new trends in cybersecurity and outlines the regulators' priorities in 2020.