Sharn Hobill

Practical Guidance Legal Writer - Personal Injury Queensland

Area of expertise

Tort law, Food law, Higher education teaching/legal training


Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Laws (Honours) (University of Queensland)

About Sharn

Sharn started her legal career in the areas of anti-discrimination, equal opportunity and employment law where she obtained advocacy experience appearing before various tribunals and in court. She then sought experience in Person Injuries and utlimately found her niche and specialised in Medical Negligence Law. She quickly became the youngest person to be promoted to Associate for the largest Australian Plaintiff firm and successfully led a complex group action through the Queensland Supreme Court and to settlement.

Sharn started her academic career with the Sunshine Coast University (USC) with its law faculty inception in 2014. Her dominant teaching load has been in tort law. She has completed the Foundations of University Teaching qualification and aside from torts holds diverse inter-disciplinary teaching experience in, legal foundations, business law and ethics, international business law and ethics, corporate law, food law, paramedicine ethics and law. She has also held research contracts assisting with Commonwealth Research Grants.

Due to her diverse experience, Sharn particularly enjoys identifying the intersections between tort and other laws and is particularly interested in the developing area of food law. When Sharn isn't writing for LexisNexis, she is completing her PhD focussing on food laws and whether there is a need and method for proactively regulating for high quality nutrition.

Sharn has previously held the position of Qld Head of Australian Lawyers for Human Rights and actively supports and contributes her time to community legal groups and other community services which seek to rectify disparities in access to justice.