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Practice Area Collections

Administrative Law
  • Administrative Law Decisions - 155 ALD
  • Australian Administrative Law
  • Delegated Legislation in Australia 5ed 2017
  • Federal and Victorian Regulators A Practical Guide 2015 (book)
  • New Zealand Administrative Reports
Banking and Finance
  • Anti-Money Laundering & Financial Crime
  • Australian Master Financial Planning Guide 17ed 2014 (book)
  • Australian Master Financial Planning Guide 19ed 2016/17
  • Avoiding Mortgage Fraud in Australia 2015 (book)
  • Banking and Finance Law of Australia
  • Financial Services
  • Foreign Investment Regulation in Australia
  • Governance and Conduct Obligations in Financial Services 2016 (book)
  • Financial Markets Conduct Regulation: A Practitioner's Guide 2014 (book)
  • LinkedIn for Accountants: Connect, Engage and Grow Your Business 2015 (book)
  • Tyree's Banking Law in New Zealand 3ed 2013 (book)
Business and Commercial Law
  • A Practical Guide to Investment Treaties Asia Pacific 2015 (book)
  • Annotated Personal Property Securities Act 2ed (book)
  • Australian Master Bookkeepers Guide 4ed 2012 (book)
  • Australian Personal Property Securities Law, 2nd edition, 2015
  • Business Law of Australia
  • Personal Property Securities in Australia
  • Practical Guide to Business Valuations for SMEs 2ed 2013 (book)
  • Understanding Accounting Principles 2ed 2012 (book)
  • Commercial Law in New Zealand
  • Company Law in New Zealand 2ed 2016 (academic)
  • Company Law in New Zealand 2ed 2016 (book).
  • Directors' Powers & Duties 2ed 2015 (book)
  • Electronic Business and Technology Law
  • Morison's Company Law (NZ)
  • Morison's Securities Law (NZ)
  • Personal Property Securities Act: Concepts in Practice 4ed 2016 (book)
  • Wells' Limited Partnerships Handbook 2008 (book)
Civil & Politics Rights
  • Pro Bono Partnerships and Models - A Practical Guide to What Works, 2nd edition, 2016
  • The New Zealand Bill of Rights Act: A Commentary 2ed 2015 (book)
Competition, Consumer & Credit Law
  • Australian Consumer Credit Law
  • Competition and Consumer Act Annotated
  • LNAA: Annotated National Credit Code, 5th edition, 2014
  • The Law of Misleading or Deceptive Conduct 4ed 2014 (book)
  • Consumer Law in New Zealand 2ed 2014 (book)
  • The Fair Trading Act Handbook 2018 (book)
Constitutional Law
  • The Annotated Constitution of the Australian Commonwealth Revised Edition
  • Brooking on Building Contracts 5th edition
  • Contract Law in Context, 2015
  • Electronic Contracts: Principles from the Common Law 2ed 2015 (book)
  • Law of Contract in New Zealand 5ed 2016 (book)
Criminal Law
Equity & Trusts
  • Commercial Trusts, 2014
  • Equity Doctrines and Remedies, 5ed, 2014 (book)
  • Garrow and Kelly Law of Trusts and Trustees 7ed 2013 (book)
  • Jacobs' Law of Trusts in Australia, 8th edition
  • Jacobs' Law of Trusts, 7th edition
  • Law of Charity 2ed 2016
  • Testamentary Trusts : Strategies and Precedents (previously titled Discretionary Trusts, Precedents and Commentary), 2nd edition, 2016
  • The Law and Practice of Charities 2013 (book)
  • Garrow and Kelly Law of Trusts and Trustees 7ed 2013 (book)
  • Law of Societies in New Zealand 3ed 2013 (book)
  • Law of Trusts (NZ)
  • Nevill's Law of Trusts, Wills and Administration 12ed 2016 (book)
  • Nevill's Trusts Drafting Handbook 2ed 2016 (book)
  • The Law and Practice of Charities 2013 (book)
Family Law
Immigration Law
Indigenous Legal Issues
Insolvency and Bankruptcy
Intellectual Property
International Content
  • Laws of Fiji
  • Halsbury's Laws of England
Leases & Tenancies
Legal Reference and Research
  • Balancing Work and Life: A Practical Guide for Lawyers 2015 (book)
  • Burrows and Carter Statute Law in New Zealand 5ed 2015 (book)
  • LinkedIn for Lawyers: Connect, Engage & Grow Your Business 2ed 2015 (book)
  • Professional Responsibility in New Zealand
  • The New Zealand Supreme Court: The First Ten Years 2015 (book)
Litigation, Practice and Procedure
  • Australian Master Human Resources Guide 10ed 2013 (book)
Media & Communications
  • Australian Medical Liability 3ed 2017
Occupation Health & Safety
Practice Management
Product Liability
Property & Conveyancing
  • Bradbrook & Neave's Easements & Restrictive Covenants in Australia 3rd ed
  • Buying and Selling Residential Property in NSW, 2014 (book)
  • Conveyancing Service NSW
  • Fisher & Lightwood's Law of Mortgage, 2nd edition
  • Fisher and Lightwood’s Law of Mortgage, 3ed 2013
  • Land Acquisition 7ed 2017
  • A Practitioner’s Guide to the Property Law Act 2007 2ed 2015 (book)
  • Adams' Land Transfer (NZ)
  • Garrow and Fenton's Law of Personal Property in NZ 2010 7ed (book) Vol 1
  • Garrow and Fenton's Law of Personal Property in NZ 2010 7ed (book) Vol 2
  • Land Law (NZ)
  • New Zealand Conveyancing and Property Reports
  • Residential Tenancies: The Law and Practice 4ed 2012 (book)
  • Unit Titles Law and Practice 2ed 2015 (book)
Public Law
  • Freedom of Information and Privacy in Australia Information Access 2.0 2ed
  • Access to Information 2ed 2016 (book)
  • Public Law Toolbox 2ed 2014 (book)
  • Transforming Auckland: Creation of Auckland Council 2014 (book)
Taxation & Revenue
  • Australian Master GST Guide 15ed 2014 (book)
  • Australian Master GST Guide 17ed 2016
  • Australian Master Tax Guide 55ed 2014 (book)
  • Australian Master Tax Guide: Tax Year End 59ed 2016
  • Australian Stamp Duties Law
  • Australian Tax Casebook 12ed 2014 (book)
  • Australian Taxation Law 24ed 2014 (book)
  • Australian Top 100 Q&A's 2013 (book)
  • Doing Business in Australia: A Quick Tax Guide 2013 (book)
  • FBT Compliance Guide 2014 (book)
  • Foundations of Taxation Law 6ed 2014 (book)
  • Master Tax Examples 13ed 2014 (book)
  • Small Business Tax Concessions Guide 3ed 2013 (book)
Transport Law
Workplace and Employment Law

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