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Australia's most innovative online legal research platform

The advantages of Advance will take your research to a whole new level

Powerful, intelligent natural language  search is just the start of the benefits of Lexis Advance

Powerful, search with AI driven algorithms delivering research that meets your needs

Search from a streamlined platform with a single-click search bar. Or customise where you want your search to start.

Find your focus and remove the clutter

See the most relevant content on one screen. Use highlighted terms to drill down on critical data.

See the bigger picture with Research Map

Save, manage and backtrack through prior work. Compare documents and result set, alternatively, take an overarching view of complex research trials. This is smart analysis at work.

Find your place sooner with Timeline Filter

View the distribution of results over time. Then filter the results by dates or toggle to narrow down the results further and faster.

Follow your intuition with Advanced Search Forms

Make the most of your research expertise and navigate straight to the most relevant results.

Work Folders. Keep the crucial safe.

From documents and text to annotations and search parameters, store and retrieve your results with ease.

Smarter Tools for smarter lawyers

Why change products for each task? Within Advance, the tools you need for docket research, litigation analytics, practical guidance and more are surfaced exactly where you need them for maximum efficiency.

The leader in legal analytics

Advanced legal analytics, AI and visualization technology enhance your search and reveal previously unknowable connections in ways no one else can. Get these valuable insights for your matters end-to-end, from building your best strategy to crafting your most compelling arguments.

Endless applications, one subscription

From search inquiry to analysis to insight, the powerful intelligence of Lexis Advance sits at the heart of many of
LexisNexis' legal solutions. Access exactly what you need with a single subscription.


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