Australian Tenancy Law and Practice

Practice Area: Property

Jurisdiction: All Australian jurisdictions

Description:  Australian Tenancy Law and Practice is the authoritative guide to the law of landlord and tenant in Australia. Formerly Australian Tenancy Practice and Precedents, this publication was relaunched in 2017 to deliver a revised structure with an emphasis on streamlined research and improved accessibility. Each chapter of Australian Tenancy Law and Practice offers clear and practical commentary on a particular topic of tenancy law, from the general principles governing leases to their formation, termination, and the obligations of each party under them. For each topic, the commentary is supported by expert application of the latest cases in property law. A unique feature of Australian Tenancy Law and Practice is its unrivalled jurisdictional coverage – each state and territory has a dedicated chapter covering both its residential tenancies and retail leases legislation, with a focus on helping practitioners to reach the best outcome for their client, whether landlord or tenant.

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Publication category Analytical subscription service – charged annually
Formats available Online, digital via Lexis Red, hardcopy looseleaf
Key content Commentary, Forms and Precedents
AuthorsDerek Cassidy QC, Brian Ralston
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