Legal Costs Victoria

Practice Area: Litigation, Practice, and Procedure

Jurisdiction: Victoria

Description: Legal Costs Victoria is a Victoria specific costs works. This work compiles and provides commentary to materials relevant to legal costing in Victoria and federal jurisdictions.  Principal materials include relevant Acts and Rules together with scales of solicitors’ cost, counsel’s fees, court fees and government charges. As new, up to date scales are added, the old scales are maintained, as these are important for practitioners working on long-term matters.

The Federal Companion to Legal Costs is also updated and issued with each service. The Federal Companion contains legislation (including scales of costs and fees), commentary, prescribed forms, precedents, and Practice Notes and Directions relevant to practice in the High Court, Federal Court, Federal Circuit Court of Australia, the Family Court and other courts and tribunals of federal jurisdiction. Also contains a similar range of material relevant to bankruptcy practice, and legislation relating to the service and execution of process.

General Information
Publication category Analytical subscription service – annual
Formats available Online, digital via Lexis Red, hardcopy looseleaf
Key content Legislation, Commentary, and Precedent
Authors Jill Grace updates both Legal Costs Victoria and the Federal Companion
Additional Information
Author and Contributor Profiles Jill Grace of Grace Costs Consultants updates the Federal Companion.
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