Native Title Service

Practice Area: Indigenous Legal Issues

Jurisdiction: Commonwealth, State and Foreign

Description: The Native Title Service is a one-stop reference to native title law. It is specially designed to assist lawyers, government, Aboriginal, mining and pastoral organisations practising in the area of native title law. The service provides the annotated Native Title Act (Cth) plus rules and regulations, state and territory legislation, native title determinations and 13 detailed chapters of commentary summarising and collating all the relevant law and decisions:

  1. History of Common Law Recognition of Native Title in Australia
  2. Native Title
  3. The Interaction between the Native Title Act 1993 (Cth) and State, Territory and Commonwealth Legislation
  4. Deciding Native Title Claims in the Court: The Role of the Federal Court, Practice and Procedure
  5. Native Title Claims Before the Court: Proof and Evidence
  6. Agreements about Native Title: Indigenous Land Use Agreements and other contracts
  7. Compensation for Native Title
  8. Applications in Relation to Native Title
  9. National Native Title Tribunal
  10. Interaction of Native Title and Other Future Legal Interest in Land and Waters
  11. Mediation and the parties to it
  12. Representative Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander Bodies
  13. Prescribed Bodies Corporate.

Other useful information for practitioners includes application forms, practice notes and flowcharts. Case notes from Australian and foreign jurisdictions are also provided. Native Title News is included in the subscription price for the Native Title service or can be purchased separately.

General Information
Publication category Analytical subscription service – charged annually
Formats available Online, digital via Lexis Red, hardcopy looseleaf
Key content Legislation, Annotated Legislation, Commentary, Case notes
General Editor Graeme Neate
Authors John Southalan; Megan Brayne; Susan Phillips; Matthew Pudovskis; Tessa Herrmann; Dr Angus Frith