Australian Stamp Duties Law

Practice Area: Taxation

Jurisdiction: All

Description: A comprehensive guide to the law and practice of stamp duties across all Australia jurisdictions. The work includes the Duties Act and Taxation Administration Act and associated Rulings for each jurisdiction. The commentary is written by topic rather than jurisdiction with each topic then broken down by state or territory to assist subscribers in developing a broad overview and greater depth of coverage. It also enables practitioners to find information relating to all jurisdictions in a single location.

General Information
Publication category Analytical subscription service – annual
Formats available Online, digital via Lexis Red, hardcopy looseleaf
Key content Legislation, Commentary
AuthorsAdrian Chek, Geoffrey Mann, Alan Jessup, Barbara Phair, Michael Heraghty, Andrew Rider, Leah Ranie, Christopher Knott

Cross on Evidence and Australian Uniform Evidence

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