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2 July 2018 | Simon Wilkins, General Manager, LexisNexis Australia

simon-wilkinsHello and welcome to the June edition of Advancing Together.

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with the Australian Human Rights Commission on a landmark inquiry into the ongoing protection of rights and freedoms in the digital age. Through the inquiry and associated wide-ranging consultation, in turn we will assist in the development of a pragmatic framework through which self-determination and autonomy can be defended in the face of rapid unregulated technological advancement.

The lessons learned from the Cambridge Analytica saga and the recent significant legal changes that GDPR brings have brought these issues to the fore and it’s imperative that we work collaboratively to build robust safeguards for the future.

On the tech front, it has been a busy first half of the year for us at LexisNexis® with the release of our second subscription analytics module, NSW Court of Appeal Analyser. It’s an in-depth analytics tool that provides deep insights on NSW Court of Appeal cases and augments the High Court Analyser we released last year.

These two offerings, combined with our Custom Analytics solution, form an increasingly robust offering for tech-minded lawyers and legal teams. Those who can augment their astute research abilities with the power of technology are the ones developing an edge in an increasingly competitive industry – and this is something we see more and more frequently.

We know that technology is impacting the industry, and this August we are moving that conversation forwards with our 2018 LexisNexis Roadshow Legal Frontiers: From AI to Ethics. This series of panel discussions will look not only at the current state of technology in the industry, but focus on the future: where we are heading, and the ethical implications which we are now having to consider. The Roadshow is coming to Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth and Adelaide. We will send out more information soon but if you would like to preregister your attendance, please drop us a line.

As always, we welcome your feedback on everything we do – from suggestions on the content of these newsletters to hearing what tools you need most
to provide value for your customers . We value our partnership and remain committed to serving you as best we can.


Simon Wilkins
General Manager
LexisNexis Australia

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