The Asia-Pacific rule of law digest: Advancing Together

8 December 2017 | Simon Wilkins, General Manager, LexisNexis Australia

Hello and welcome to the December 2017 issue of Advancing Together.

It has certainly been a busy second half of the year in rule of law development—both at LexisNexis® and in the wider Asia Pacific region.

In recent months, we have received more recognition for our rule of law work.  In August, we were recognised as a winner of the Australian Business Award for  Community Contribution. This award applauds the achievements of LexisNexis in advancing the rule of law across Asia Pacific through a comprehensive program to increase access to justice and protect human rights; as well as supporting corporate citizenship initiatives that strengthen civil society and the rule of law across the globe. We have also been shortlisted for the Australian Human Rights Commission’s 2017 Human Rights Business Award which will be decided later this month. As always, we are pleased to receive recognition for our efforts in advancing the rule of law and this increased awareness empowers us to do more!

Earlier this year, we made a submission (together with the Freedom Hub) to the Australian Parliamentary Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Inquiry into Modern Slavery to advocate for the establishment of a Modern Slavery Act in Australia. This aims to promote greater responsibility by businesses which is supported through a ‘Business for Rule of Law’ Framework and global supply chain standards. In September, 11 LexisNexis Southeast Asia employees visited Myanmar to continue work on the LexisNexis Law School Program and fundraising and relief efforts for the displaced villagers of Wellgyi.

We continue to build and strengthen our key partnerships within Australia—through updating flagship publications for the Australian Pro Bono Centre and providing editorial, digital and other support to the Australian Human Rights Commission. More widely in the region, our work with the Fijian and Maldivian governments is also ongoing. I hope you enjoy this edition of Advancing Together, and at LexisNexis we look forward to continuing our work in developing the rule of law in the Asia Pacific, and around the world.

Simon Wilkins
General Manager
LexisNexis Australia

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