Finding Certainty In A Time Of Zero Trust

29 June 2021 04:00

Cyber security continues to be a national challenge for Australia. One in three Australians are now impacted by Cyber security breaches, with a new crime reported every 10 minutes. The traditional scams, ransoms and other threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and the difficulty in defending against them is compounded by the emergence of a host of new and diversified attack types.

The current peak is part of a broader upward trajectory. Cybercrimes are expected to continue rising around Australia in the future, with an increasingly complex cybercrime landscape making it difficult to predict what the next major threat may be.

Against this backdrop, LexisNexis brought together a panel of Cyber security professionals, business and industry leaders for a roundtable to discuss the challenges that are evolving in this space. The following report provides an overview of some of the key issues discussed on the day, including third party risk management, The Security Legislation Amendment Bill 2020 (Critical Infrastructure) and zero-trust Cyber security.

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