The rise of legal AI: Big-firm intelligence for small law firms

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With artificial intelligence (AI) and automation becoming more readily available, small legal firms have access to not only information, but systems, workflows and processes that until recently were held exclusively by big legal firms. AI is disrupting the legal sector, and the opportunity for small law is huge.

The technologies currently at play in small law firms are nothing compared to the opportunities emerging. Much of this has to do with more AI products taking over the work traditionally handled by transaction lawyers – tasks like document management, case administration and management, document review, due diligence, legal drafting, negotiation and litigation support, among others. This is also the area where big law firms have traditionally enjoyed an advantage with their ability to hire armies of associates.

This whitepaper will illustrate how AI is helping small law firms grow, freeing them up to focus on clients, sales and operations. Powered by deep neural networks, natural language processing capabilities and backed by big data, AI brings unprecedented research and analytics to the profession.

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