Shareholder resolutions: Is there a case for change?

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There has been an increase both in Australia and overseas in the number of shareholders seeking to put resolutions to Annual General Meetings (AGMs) on a range of issues. Many of these resolutions relate to environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters. In Australia, these proposals are generally in the alternative: firstly, an amendment to a company’s constitution by way of a special resolution and, secondly (if the first resolution is passed), a resolution requiring some form of disclosure or an action by a company.

Governance Institute is of the very strong view that now is the appropriate time for all stakeholders to consider their policies in relation to shareholder resolutions and has partnered with LexisNexis to produce this green paper to promote further debate and consultation on what is emerging as a critical aspect of shareholder engagement.

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This green paper is designed to encourage debate on this hot topic. That is why it contains a short, 6 question survey submission at the end of the green paper!

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