Lawyers & Robots? – Conversations around the future of the legal industry

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New technology is exciting, but we shouldn’t let that cloud the fact that we work in an industry built on people. We took this simple position in deciding to produce this report, and it is one we believe underpins the successful deployment of any new technology.

Lawyers & Robots? – Conversations around the future of the legal industry aims to shine some light on the narrative surrounding legal technology. This report is a collation of eight articles that contribute to this debate on the relationships between the lawyer and their clients, a reflection on how technology has changed the way we work and a further discussion around how professionals at any stage of their careers can equip themselves for the future.

The articles contained within this report present three key themes:

  1. New technology presents exciting opportunities. Not only will we be able to collaborate to solve problems like never before, we will also be able to gain a deeper understanding of those problems through new forms of analysis.
  2. It also presents a lot of uncertainty. The aim of this report is not to present answers, if anything it is to pose questions. We are on the cusp of huge changes to how we see work and employment and it is not hyperbole to suggest that the professional sector is on the verge of immense upheaval.
  3. Those who are proactive stand to benefit the most from these changes. This includes small firms targeting the very specific problems they know how to solve, large law optimising their teams to make the most of investments in new tech, or trainees and newly qualified lawyers ensuring they gain exposure to the latest development.

The legal landscape including technology providers, lawyers, law firms and trainees needs to come together as an ecosystem to participate in this debate. This report is a starting point on drivers of change.

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