Digital Disruption and its impact on Legal Research

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With the entry of a new generation of digital-native lawyers into the workforce and pressures on law firms, in-house counsel and the justice system to become more streamlined and cost-efficient, technology has become integral to work practices. Australia has certainly embraced digital disruption with many excellent examples of innovation across the industry.

A significant part of this focus has been on administrative and back-end tasks, streamlining or outsourcing repetitive tasks to increase productivity and deliver legal services more efficiently. There is no doubt that the advancement of technological tools is making the new lawyer's day more efficient and productive, but is this at the cost of the quality of work and research they are producing?

At the recent LexisNexis roundtable exploring 'whether research tools are evolving with the changing needs and expectations of the legal profession', we discussed the changing attitude towards, and working methods of, legal research with senior research and knowledge management representatives from across the industry.

The discussion was very enlightening raising the challenges knowledge managers now face in bridging the gap between delivering the research methods that lawyers want and ensuring the highest quality of research outcomes.

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