Understanding how in-house lawyers really create value

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When being a good lawyer is not enough:
Understanding how in-house lawyers really create value

LexisNexis spoke with over 100 in-house lawyers to understand the corporate legal landscape in real depth. Among the key themes that emerged, in-house lawyers spoke most passionately about the need to really create value for their organisations.

This whitepaper provides relevant insights into what all in-house lawyers can do to establish the vital role they play in creating value in the organisation.

Do you really understand how in-house lawyers create value?

In-house lawyers have a vital role to play in how organisations create value, but how this happens is often not understood both by the employing organisations and the in-house lawyers themselves. LexisNexis UK and Cranfield School of Management joined forces to find the answer to this question so that they could help in-house lawyers and the organisations that employ them develop and enhance this capability.

The existing research with over 100 in-house lawyers revealed a lack of insight into which activities that in-house lawyers carried out actually added value, and what capabilities were needed in order to execute these activities in the most successful way. This paper answers these critical questions.

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