Do More With Less: Australian in-house Lawyers’ views on workplace efficiency

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The in-house lawyer role has never been more important and challenging than it is today. As well as functioning as the legal conscience of the organisation, the in-house lawyer manages legal risk, provides important advice on a wide range of legal issues, and endeavours to deliver commercial value for the organisation. Furthermore, workload is increasing in volume and complexity in an era of cost containment.

To understand how today's in-house lawyers are responding to these pressures LexisNexis undertook a survey with 37 Australian in-house lawyers to obtain their views and experiences on key issues affecting efficiency. Topics included:

  • Key drivers leading to investments in efficiency; 
  • Measures that have been tried, tested and proven least successful and otherwise; 
  • Barriers to investment; and 
  • Future industry expectations.

This was followed by a roundtable discussion with C-suite representatives from Australian in-house legal teams and legal firms to discuss their practical experiences with workplace efficiency initiatives and to share ideas to promote future success.

This whitepaper details critical considerations expressed by in-house lawyers for the need to invest and harness technological tools and solutions to procure workflow efficiency.

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