02 JUNE 2020

Why do we need innovat ion in law?

There are some degrees of cynicism when another law firm issues another press release regarding the next step on their innovation pathway. The latest foray into “Blockchain”, “Artificial Intelligence”, “Design Thinking” and “Smart Contracts” are touted as game changers placing their firm at the forefront of the re-invention of the profession.


08 APRIL 2020

Beyond COVID-19: The unresolved epidemic of wage theft and underpayments

Employers are currently focused on crisis-management workplace issues, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Once this crisis has abated, attention will again be focused on the yet unresolved wage theft epidemic. The article sets out key issues that employers need to consider regarding underpayments.


23 MARCH 2020

Much Obliged: When could a lawyer mediator be liable for breaching their obligations?

Mediation is an increasingly popular form of dispute resolution in Australia especially in last few decades. While mediators may possess a variety of skills and may come from a range backgrounds, lawyers and barristers are frequently engaged in mediations either in their capacity as legal representatives of the parties, or as mediators.


28 JANUARY 2020

Lessons from the IOOF Case

A recent decision of the Federal Court in Australian Prudential Regulation Authority v Kelaher [2019] FCA 1521 provides some guidance to regulators, trustees of superannuation funds and their advisers on issues related to administering superannuation funds and conducting litigation, explains Noel Davis, Barrister and author of The Law of Superannuation in Australia.