2018 Tech Compliance "Hot List"

This article is an extract from 2018 Tech Compliance "Hot List". Click here to download the whitepaper.

Dudley Kneller, Partner at Madgwicks Lawyers, is a technology lawyer with a speciality in cyber risk and strategic sourcing. Read his 2018 Tech Compliance “Hot List” for a view on what Australian businesses need to address and should look to maximise.

No doubt a busy year awaits Australian business.

Whether you take steps to improve your security posture to better deal with cyber security events or review and update your privacy compliance status to ensure you can meet the breach notification obligations, there is certainly plenty to do.

Opportunity awaits those who can successfully incorporate robotics, AI, machine learning and / or blockchain technologies into their organisations whilst the long arm of the law may impact Australian businesses with operations offshore in the EU with GDPR.

Taking the time now to update and act on these matters will enable you to successfully tackle the 2018 “hot list” unscathed and ahead of your competitors.

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