LexisNexis and MyLawGuide launch new publishing initiative to simplify the application of law for businesses.

Creation and drafting of documents play a large role in the daily business of a lawyer. Nowadays, lawyers are spending as much as 60 percent of their time with creating, checking, and collaborating with other lawyers to generate a document. Drafting these documents takes about 2 hours a day work 85% of lawyers acknowledge . Proofreading in order to check a document's legal structure is the most important element of drafting as a well-crafted legal document is critical for the reputation of a firm in terms of winning or losing a piece of litigation. However, over a third of lawyers don't do these labor-intensive checks as they are under increasing time-pressure to become more efficient driven by competition and customers. As a result, 90 percent of documents still contain errors.

Until now, drafting tools used by most practitioners have been unchanged for decades. To be more efficient and successful, LexisNexis developed a new tool to save time, remove unnecessary activities and increase accuracy, consistency, and completeness: LexisNexis Draft. Working together with Microsoft, LexisNexis Draft is an one easy to use solution offering a range of functions such as proofreading and analytical tools, specifically designed for the legal market.

Our range of drafting tools will help you to reduce errors and improve the quality of the documents you produce so you can spend more time on value-added work and protect your reputation. The all new Lexis® Draft gives you peace of mind that your documents are accurate, complete and consistent - every time.

Working with Microsoft® and world leaders in proofreading software, LexisNexis® has consolidated a range of functions into one easy to use solution. Lexis Draft gives you access to a wide range of valuable proofreading and analytical tools, designed specifically for the legal market.

LexisNexis, a leading provider of content and technology solutions, and MyLawGuide, a New Zealand online publisher, today launched a new publishing initiative to simplify the application of law for businesses. The MyLawGuide books and website in association with LexisNexis covers the following areas: health and safety, employment, human rights and privacy, contract, directors' duties, company, premises and facilities and copyright. With more topics under development.

There is a trend emerging where the law, and agencies charged with enforcing the law, are targeting individuals, particularly directors and managers.

Many accidents are avoidable. And the penalties associated with the proposed laws are also avoidable. It is not just in the health and safety area that businesses and the employees within those businesses are exposed. LexisNexis and MyLawGuide believe that many people would be alarmed when contemplating the full extent of their exposure.

What MyLawGuide, has done is provide a comprehensive, cost effective solution with a range of guidance books and online tools. The books, which are written in plain English, and the website, with easy navigation are based on international best practices. With the support of LexisNexis, businesses can get relevant and dynamic information and training into the hands of the people who need it most – employees at the coalface, and those who are managing staff and the business.

Website users will also receive updated news alerts when it happens whether it is changes to the law or news articles on the topic they have subscribed to. For a limited time, all books sold come with complimentary access to relevant news alerts and legislation monitoring for a 6 month period. The website also integrates educational materials, on-line tools and other support provided by government agencies where appropriate.

MyLawGuide keeps the specialists within organisations, such as in-house counsel and HR managers, up to date with their legal obligations, but are also aware of the need for effective training programmes.

MyLawGuide does the heavy lifting for businesses, providing face-to-face training where required. The solution includes providing whoever is responsible with an overview of where their organisation is at in respect of legal compliance. The end goal is to provide the manager responsible for compliance with assurance that their employees know what they need to know.

Rachel Travers, Managing Director of LexisNexis New Zealand says "this is an exciting development, as we know managers and employees need ready access to information that can guide them through the requirements of the legal and regulatory framework that governs the New Zealand workplace. With the right information, businesses can better protect their interests and that of their employees"

MyLawGuide CEO Dennis Murray says the new venture is designed to help employees understand their legal obligations. "Organisations, directors, managers and even individual employees have to take legal compliance seriously or they are at risk – risk of accidents, risk of fines or penalties and risk of reputation."

MyLawGuide's books and website are not intended to take the place of professional advice. These are solutions that are available to accountants and lawyers, looking to provide additional support to their clients as well.

MyLawGuide books can be purchased from store.lexisnexis.co.nz and the website is www.mylawguide.com

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