New drafting solution Lexis Draft equips lawyers with a range of tools for preparing accurate and precise legal documents quickly and efficiently.

Drafting of documents plays a large role in the daily business of lawyers. They spend as much as 60 percent of their time creating, checking, and collaborating with other lawyers to generate documents. Drafting takes up approximately two hours a day which 6 out of 10 lawyers acknowledge . One important element of drafting is proofreading - a document's structure as a well-crafted legal document is critical for the reputation of a firm. However, over a third of lawyers don't do these labor-intensive checks as they are under increasing time-pressure to become more efficient, driven by competition and customers. As a result, 90 percent of documents still contain errors . Drafting tools used by most practitioners haven't changed in decades. Working together with Microsoft and world leaders in proofreading, LexisNexis has developed a new solution to save time, remove laborious activities and increase accuracy, consistency, and completeness: Lexis Draft.

Part of the LexisNexis SmartOffice Drafting suite, Lexis Draft is an easy to use drafting solution offering a range of functions such as proofreading and analytical tools, specifically designed for the legal market. A key feature is the proofreading function EagleEye, an add-in to Microsoft Word designed for lawyers. It scans documents for errors or items overlooked due to time pressure. It can eliminate ambiguity from legal documents and is able to pick up irrelevant information left in from repurposed documents. Overall, it supports the user to be much more organised, saves time spent proofreading and improves the quality of documents. Lexis Draft is a unique solution in the New Zealand market.

Additional features analyse documents and highlight items that are identified as legally significant and offer options for researching or confirming details by using citation signals for example. Any PDF file can be converted into a Word document for proofreading, scanning or analysis and research via Lexis Draft.

A demo of Lexis Draft can be watched here: For more information visit or download the brochure

Key Benefits of Lexis Draft

  • EagleEye legal proofreading tools allow you to automatically check for consistent use of defined terms, collaborate with colleagues and support staff and automatically identify punctuation errors and inconsistent numbering
  • By leveraging your LexisNexis subscription directly from Word, you can analyse your document to identify and link out to case citations, legislation, legal terms and companies office information, check the currency of cases and legislation in your document and access deeper research and forms and precedents without leaving your document

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