The Fiji Law Reports are the authorised reports of the Judicial Department of Fiji, encompassing the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal and the High Court

As part of its regional commitment to the Rule of Law, LexisNexis recently published the 2012 volume of Fiji Law Reports enabling legal practitioners in Fiji to excel in the practice and business of law and assist the judiciary, governments and businesses to function more effectively, efficiently and transparently. This will also help to create certainty and stability for Australians living, holidaying, working or doing business with Fiji.

The Fiji Law Reports help make Fijian law, decided by the Courts, accessible in print and online to the legal profession, government and businesses as well as the general public. "The concept of the rule of law is multifaceted, but for a provider of legal content solutions like LexisNexis, there is one aspect of the rule of law that stands out. We cannot talk about the rule of law unless we know that we have access to the basic primary materials, namely legislation and case law," TJ Viljoen, CEO of LexisNexis Pacific said.

"In the Pacific it is quite critical for us to realise that there are quite a few countries, particularly the smaller island nations, who do not have access to the primary materials, or have never had access to the primary materials. If you do not have access, the effective administration of justice can be impeded and you cannot have basic rule of law principles in place if that is the case."

LexisNexis International funds and promotes to pursue the provision of Australian, New Zealand and English primary legal materials to judicial and other legal agencies across the Pacific as part of its dedication to advancing the rule of law.

Recent LexisNexis Rule of Law projects within the Asia-Pacific region include:

  • Support towards Law Reform and Democratization in Myanmar
  • Human Trafficking Awareness in Malaysia and India
  • "Practical Guidance: Slave Free Seas" in New Zealand

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