Paul Worsnip

Chief Financial Officer, LexisNexis Asia Pacific

As the CFO, Paul is responsible for delivering strategic business judgments around products, pricing, corporate development and the overall business activities. He serves as the key financial advisor to the Asia Pacific organisation, responsible for ensuring robust financial reporting and delivering value-added business analysis. This includes defining and reporting meaningful financial and operational metrics that lead to insightful, accurate business decision-making. He is also responsible for financial planning, delivering a comprehensive understanding of all key business drivers and helping the business to create and deliver credible growth plans.

Prior to joining the Asia Pacific organisation, Paul spent 12 years with LexisNexis South Africa, holding financial and commercial roles, including that of CFO for the Africa business. He has a practical understanding and deep experience in the complexities of emerging markets and in addition to his compliance and governance responsibilities, executed on various efficiency programs including organisational restructuring initiatives and the implementation of best practice operating models.

Paul holds a Bachelor of Accounting Sciences (Hons) degree and a post-graduate Certificate in the Theory of Accounting. He is a member of the South Africa Institute of Chartered Accountants.